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Martin brothers hq - recycled timber fence

At the start of 2016 we at Martin Brothers moved the HQ to McLachlan St in Fortitude Valley. Despite the great location of the property it needed a major up upgrade including the front boundary fence.

When we moved into the property it had an 1800mm high chain wire fence that looked to be 20 years old. We were not satisfied with the look or function so we went to the drawing board. We wanted to construct something out of the box that people had never seen before.


Fortunately we had access to piers from the original Bretts Wharf in Brisbane. Our grandfather had kept these at an old property of his for over 20 years. The wharf piers were the foundation of the design and from there we decided to integrate recycled hardwood into what became a rustic theme.

The concluding feature to this project was the laser cut Martin Brothers logo into Corten steel to form the electric gate.

We are very proud of this project and feel as though it is a true representation of our style of work and design.

All works were completed by the Martin Brothers team including Director Will Martin.

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